Chapter 53
Chapter 53
Chapter 53

Yong Yong

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The Tower's magician have placed spells on all the students in order to give them "wings" which impresses Iel but at the same time, she still questions this method. 

In the forest, Lidusis and Chevel lie unconscious on the ground with Blow kneels down beside them. He scolds himself for instinctively yelling out Lidusis' name. He worries that since the mastermind behind the event did not accomplish his objective, he might strike again. Blow thinks that nothing has been resolved and decides to inform Duchess Artian about everything that transpired for Lidusis' safety. He remembers his Master telling him to have fun on his "vacation". This annoys him due to the fact that this event is anything but a vacation. He removes his awakening and returns to being Rood. He plans to tell everyone that he happened to stumbled upon Lidusis and Chevel while wandering the forest. Glancing behind himself, he notices that Chevel has regained consciousness and is staring at him in utter shock.

Elsewhere, the magicians celebrate saving the students and completing their mission to which Marquis Hadelio comments that the they are all frozen in fear. Hadelio demands that they go find his son. A magician replies that they already sent out fifty seekers. Throughout the forest, small band of students are being found, this includes Lin and Carmille. The searchers still have not found Chevel but the Tower's magician reassures Hadelio that there is no smell of human blood around.

In a cave, Elzeble approaches someone in a Helios uniform. Elzeble covers his mouth and comments on the strong smell of blood. He then goes on to ask the person who he was looking for when he was flying around but the person denies looking for anyone, stating that he simply just wanted to fly. Elzeble goes to pick up Professor Heil in order to bring him to Rubymonter. He discovers that he is dead and begins to chastise the other person for killing Heil. Elzeble is then to be ordered to tell Rubymonter that he killed him because he was annoying. The person then says that he should not to think of them as equals and informs him that the only reason he is following Rubymonter is to find and kill someone. The last frame reveals that the person speaking is Dio.


Characters in order of appearance

1. Orphell

2. Iel

3. Blow

4. Lidusis Dien Artian

5. Chevel Phon Hadelio

6. Kielnode Chrishi (flashback)

7. Marquis Hadelio

8. Carmille

9. Lin Noa

10. Elzeble

11. Dio Varus

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