Chapter 52
Chapter 52
Chapter 52

Yong Yong

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The dragon flies away with Heil in its mouth leaving Blow standing on the cliff with no answers to any of his questions. Turning around, Blow witnesses all the students staring at him with awe-struck expressions. They all begin to cheering except Iel, who is standing at the back looking downwards in disappointment.

Blow thinks that it is not time to celebrate just yet since Heil's magic, which has been holding the ground up, has lost its source and therefore, the cliff will soon crumble. Suddenly, a teleportation circle appears and out steps the people from the Tower, Professors Kan and Rowell, and the students who were with them. Blow then hides himself behind the same rock as Lidusis and Chevel. He plans to leave immediately since he does not want to be seen by the Tower's people. However, he stops and looks at Lidusis in pity, wondering what he has gotten himself into which greatly confuses Lidusis who considers the Black Magician a complete stranger. Blow tells Lidusis to return to the main student body and starts to leave. Lidusis grabs hold of his sleeve and tells him to wait. 

The ground lurches and a Tower's magician comments that it will soon fall and starts to think of thing he could do to solve the problem. Professor Rowell suggests letting the ground collapse and the students fall. Once it does, they will catch everyone in mid air. In response, the Tower's magician decides to do just as she suggested, shocking Professor Kan.

The ground begins to crumble sending Lidusis, Chevel, and Blow falling. Panicking, Blow reaches out and yells "Lidusis!" before grabbing into him and Chevel. Lidusis' eyes widen in surprise since the Black Magician should not know his name and the three of them fall together.


Characters in order of appearance

1. Diorook

2. Blow

3. Iel

4. Lidusis Dien Artian

5. Chevel Phon Hadelio

6. Orphell

7. Cynthia Mars

8. Lapis Yuan Nuadly

9. Linus En Grium

10. Tessiana

11. Professor Kan

12. Marquis Hadelio

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