Chapter 51
Chapter 51
Chapter 51

Yong Yong

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The students celebrate the fact that the man before them is the famous Black Magician since they are convinced that he will save them. Iel balls her hands into fists and thinks "It's finally right in front of my eyes."

Blow is blocking Heil's attacks while the professor comments on how wonderful his new power is and taunts Blow by asking where his arrogance went. Blow decides to settle things quickly before Heil decides to attack the students. The two fight for a while and during this time, Lidusis has taken the unconscious Chevel and has hidden behind some rubble.

In a giant round crater, Blow has created a sphere of his mana to encompass himself and Heil who is lying on the ground defeated. Blow notes that Heil's mana is on par with the strongest of magicians but Heil has no idea on how to properly utilize it and lacks combat experience. Blow proceeds to ask him who gave him his power, convinced that it's the mastermind's doing.

The students, unable to see what is happening, wonders if Blow have won. Iel mentally berates herself for being just as helpless as she was "back then" while remembering a scene where she is lying on the ground looking up at the back of a figure who was holding a cross-shaped weapon. The students spy something blue approaching at a distance in the sky and wonders what it is. A few seconds later, the thing latches itself to the cliff's edge and it appears to be the same blue dragon that previously saved Lin.

Inside the sphere, Heil is too shocked at his defeat to answer Blow's questions. While gripping the cliff's edge with its talons, the dragon flares its wings and roars. It then glances over to where Lidusis is hidden. Blow notes the dragon's arrival and dispels the sphere. He then starts wondering what it is. The dragon is now staring down directly at Blow who does not feel any malicious intent coming from it. The dragon leans forward and sniffs him, making Blow panic.

Professor Heil escapes from Blow's restraints due to the distraction and proclaims that it must be the back-up that "he" has sent. Blow then tries to ask who "he" is but the dragon suddenly bites Heil and flies off, much to everyone's present shock.


Characters in order of appearance

1. Iel

2. Blow

3. Professor Heil

4. Diorook

5. Lidusis Dien Artian

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