Chapter 50
Chapter 50
Chapter 50

Yong Yong

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Blow surveys the scene and asks the students if they are alright. The students murmur among themselves, wondering who this man is while Iel's eyes widen in recognition. Angry that he has interfered, Professor Heil launches an attack at Blow. Blow neutralizes the spell and Heil attacks again. Blow soon recognizes that the mana belongs to Professor Heil.

Heil restrains him with his magic and declares that the reason Blow is standing in place instead of attacking him is because he cannot do so without exposing the students to danger. Blow says that the statement he made is incorrect but Heil disregards this and aims an attack meant to kill Blow and all the students behind him. Blow turns around and tells the students not to worry. Just as the attack draws near, the students shut their eyes. They open them again moments later when nothing happens. Blow has neutralized the attack and the magic restraining him, saying the reason he has not moved is merely because he never felt the need to.

Heil finally recognizes that Blow is not an ordinary magician and identifies him as the Black Magician of Opion. The students all stare at Blow is shock and he asks Heil why that is important to him. Heil laughs and says that by killing Blow, he can demonstrate his power to the world.


Characters in order of appearance

1. Iel

2. Lidusis Dien Artian

3. Blow

4. Professor Heil

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