Chapter 49
Chapter 49
Chapter 49

Yong Yong

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Professor Heil asks Lidusis why he is saving his tormentor. Lidusis internally says that he cannot lose everything again. In a flashback, Lidusis remembers his brother telling him to show Ibriel a pretty flower in their garden. Unfortunately a demon appears and kills her as she approaches it. In the present, Professor Heil cancels the spell put on Chevel by breaking his magic stone. This caused him to regain awareness and he is now confused by the current situation.

Heil raises a bunch of boulders above the other student's heads and says that if he lets go of Chevel, then the others can live, but if he saves Chevel, then the students will die. Lidusis is horrified by both of the outcomes and says that he cannot choose "again". Chevel harshly reminds Lidusis that he has been bullying him and asks why he is hesitating. Chevel orders him to let go but Lidusis starts to cry.This causes him to go silent and Lidusis tells him that he does not want to. In another flashback, Lidusis remembers Ibriel speaking harshly to Chevel but after, she whispers to Lidusis that he is the best big brother in the world and she wants the two of them to become friends. He remembers the young Chevel and Ibriel as people who shine like the sun.

In the present, Chevel starts yelling at Lidusis who yells back that he does not want to let go and begs Chevel to hold on. Professor Heil asks Lidusis if he is willing to let everyone else die in order to save Chevel. He then promises to let all the others live if he lets go but Iel believes this to be a lie. Chevel tells Lidusis that he is not a monster but an idiot and none of what has happened so far is his fault. He goes on to say that "back then" was not his fault either. Chevel then purposefully lets go and apologizes to Lidusis and properly calls him by his name.

Professor Heil laughs and proclaims that he was going to kill everyone regardless of what Lidusis chooses. The boulders start to fall and Lidusis remembers Rood telling him to asks for help if he ever needed it no matter the situation. Black tendrils begin to wrap around him and he thinks "help me". Heil start to smile at the sight of this. Suddenly, Blow appears with Chevel in hand. He throws him atop the cliff and bounces off Heil's head. He then proceeds to destroy all the boulders.


Characters in order of appearance

1. Lidusis Dien Artian

2. Chevel Phon Hadelio

3. Professor Heil

4. Lidusis's Brother (flashback)

5. Ibriel Hadelio (flashback)

6. Iel

7. Blow

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