Chapter 47
Chapter 47
Chapter 47

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Lidusis' brother happens to cross upon Chevel in the Artian's family library and asks where Ibriel is. When he hears that she is with Lidusis, he remarks that Chevel did not listen to his advice. Chevel talks back and says that it would be better to stay away from him instead.

Fast forward to the day that Ibriel died. Chevel sees his sister lying on the ground covered in blood between a dead demon and Lidusis who was engulfed by mysterious black tendrils. Lidusis was unharmed but had Ibriel's blood on him.

At the funeral while listening to the gossiping adults, he kneels beside Ibriel's coffin and starts regreting that he did not listen to Lidusis' brother's advice. He then blames Lidusis for what happened. Marquis Hadelio puts his hand on Chevel's shoulder and reassures him that it was not Lidusis' fault and that Chevel knows it as well. However, Chevel cannot think of another person to blame. Years pass and Lidusis begins attending Helios. Chevel decides to throw him a "welcoming party" in the library. When Lidusis passes him in the hall, Chevel tells him that his brother called him a "Monster" and that he fully agrees.

Back in the present, Lidusis is looking at Chevel who is still under Professor Heil's control. Professor Heil brings out mana stones for the students to use while he prepares Chevel's monsters. The students try to run away but Iel grabs a mana stone and states that there is nowhere for them to run and that they will have to fight in order to survive. She ponders to herself and concludes that there is a good chance the monsters are just illusions, since it's Chevel's specialty. But, because Chevel is being controlled, she isn't sure. The monsters attack, sending the students running with only Iel left to fight. However, just before the monsters reach her, Lidusis steps in front with the intention of being a human shield.

At the foot of the cliff, Blow asks Elzeble if he is an ally of the mastermind behind everything to which Elzeble replies "Why would I be the ally of a traitor?" and tells Blow that he cannot let him go save them. Blow throws him against the cliff creating a crater and points his cross-shaped weapon in Elzeble's face. He coldly says that if the mastermind is a "traitor", then that means they were once allies and demands that Elzeble tells him everything.


Characters in order of appearance

1. Chevel Phon Hadelio

2. Lisusis's Brother (flashback)

3. Lidusis Dien Artian

4. Ibriel Hadelio (flashback)

5. Marquis Hadelio (flashback)

6. Anna Berev (flashback)

7. Professor Heil

8. Iel

9. Elzeble

10. Blow

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