Chapter 46
Chapter 46
Chapter 46

Yong Yong

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Chevel watches Lidusis and Ibriel play while wondering why she likes him so much. He then tells Ibriel that it is time to go and she insists that he at least introduces himself to Lidusis before leaving. Chevel gives a very intimidating greeting which scares Lidusis making him run away. Ibriel starts crying and says that she refuses to leave until Chevel finds him. So, he begins to search the mansion. Lidusis’ brother bump into him and tells Chevel to not get any closer to Lidusis, who he says is not really his brother but a monster. Chevel finds Lidusis sleeping on the ground and covers him with his coat, feeling sorry for him because of what his brother had said. Lidusis suddenly wakes up and runs away again, making Chevel yell after him in annoyance. He then stops, turns around, greets Chevel, and continues running. Enraged, Chevel pounces at him.

The Hadelio siblings asks their father to go to the Artian's mansion again which annoys Marquis because of his enmity with Duke Artian. Hadelio sarcastically tells his children that they should just go live there since they visit so often, which delighted Ibriel who does not recognize the sarcasm. The two children set out for the Artian mansion while their father complains. Time passes and the Hadelio siblings become close to Lidusis due to their frequent visits. Since becoming close to him, Chevel starts to think "I would've liked it if he were my brother too."


Characters in order of appearance

1. Lidusis Dien Artian (flashback)

2. Ibriel Hadelio (flashback)

3. Chevel Phon Hadelio (flashback)

4. Lidusis's Brother (flashback)

5. Lispen (flashback)

6. Marquis Hadelio (flashback)

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