Chapter 42
Chapter 42
Chapter 42

Yong Yong

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Professor Heil uses his magic to raise the ground several hundreds of feet in the air, creating an artificial cliff. Heil reassures them that they will stay alive until the end.

Blow wonders why the shadow appeared and sights the artificial cliff being created in a distance. The shadow creates a rock monster. Blow then breaks one of its arms off and leaps onto its shoulder. He then asks the professors to deal with it. The figure attacks him but Professor Rowell blocks the attack and tells him to go. Blow head towards the cliff, reasoning that if Rowell could fight Shicmuon, then she should be fine.

Professor Heil admits to being the one behind everything, telling them that their training is canceled and that they are going to get some real life experience. Before he “begins”, he uses his mana to grab Dio’s neck and dangles him off the cliff, saying that he is a useless human without the right to live.


Characters in order of appearance

1. Professor Heil

2. Chevel Phon Hadelio

3. Iel

4. Mana Puppet

5. Professor Kan

6. Blow

7. Tessiana

8. Cynthia Mars

9. Lapis Yuan Nuadly

10. Dio Varus

11. Lidusis Dien Artian

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