Chapter 4
Chapter 4
Chapter 4

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Ms Ren asks Blow how his mana is, to which Blow replies that it is fine. On the ground floor, magicians attempt to steal the magic stone while guards surround them. The first attacker reaches for the magic stone when a pair of hands block him. The owner of those hands have beast-like ears and a tail. This man then drives back the attackers.The crowd identifies him by the robe he was wearing and the ears and tail he's sporting. The spectators trade information until they recognize him as "The Association's Loyal Dog, [[[Lanoste's Dog]]]", which causes the man to become angry at being called a dog. Blow, instead recognizes him as the one who was with "him" that day. 

[Lanoste's Dog] warns the crowd against any further attempts of stealing the stone, stating that it is his mission to protect it until the end of the auction. Before he could finish speaking, his partner, Shicmuon, grabs the stone and jumps to the top of a statue. He then yells out a challenge to the Black Magician who he sense is nearby. Shicmuon tells him to come get the stone, assuming it was Blow's target. Ms Ren asks Blow if he wants to leave in order to avoid Shicmuon but Blow stubbornly refuses. Magicians within the crowd comments that even if they all band together and attack all at once, there was still no chance of beating Shicmuon, who they say is on a league of his own. 

A blue-haired female magician named Tessiana cuts down the sculpture Shicmuon was sitting on, saying that she came to participate in the auction and that he was in her way. This enrages Shicmuon who retorts, saying that she is the one in his way. Blow sights his target and decides to use this growing chaos as a cover in order to carry out his mission.


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2. Ren

3. Van

4. Shicmuon

5. Tessiana

6. Cloak

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