Chapter 39
Chapter 39
Chapter 39

Yong Yong

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Linus, Lapis, and Cynthia stare at Blow in surprise. Linus suddenly launches an attack at Blow who easily blocks it. Having confirmed that Blow is indeed the Black Magician, Linus’ eyes sparkle with star-struck admiration. Elsewhere, Chevel and Dio are sitting together in the forest with a very tense atmosphere. Professor Heil walks up to greet them. He lies and tells them that he's been attacked and teleported by the shadow. Professor Heil tells them that they need to find the other students and informs them of their location.

In another place, Professor Rowell also tells Princess Yutiarien and Professor Kan that they are in Ishuella, which Professor Kan protests by saying that there should not be demons here. Rowell hands Yutiarien over to Kan, telling her to protect the princess and then faces off against a large demon that suddenly emerged from the ground.

Blow deceives the three students by saying he came to Ishuella on a classified mission. However, all of them are too star-struck to pay attention to his words. Lapis explains the situation to Blow, asking him where they are. This makes Blow repeat that this is Ishuella. Blow then offers to help them. Blow then recharges Linus and Cynthia’s mana stone. A large demon appears from the ground and Blow turns to confront it.


Characters in order of appearance


2. Cynthia Mars

3. Linus En Grium

4. Lapis Yuan Nuadly

5. Dio Varus

6. Chevel Phon Hadelio

7. Professor Heil

8. Yuti

9. Tessiana

10. Professor Kan

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