Chapter 38
Chapter 38
Chapter 38

Yong Yong

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The gathered students decide to stay in one place and wait for help. Professor Heil tells the shadow that two professors were teleported and that Professor Rowell might turn out to be a problem. The shadow says that he will take care of it.

Linus, Lapis, and Cynthia see a trail of defeated demons and assume that it is the work of Professor Rowell. At the end of the trail, Blow pulls out his communication device and calls Master. Master was very surprised to hear Blow’s voice since he was expecting him to be Rood. Blow demands to know why he has not been able to contact him lately.

At Opion, it shows a side of the building with a giant four-point gash engraved on it. Master reassures Blow that they only had a “tiny problem”. Blow informs Master about his location, revealing it to be the cursed land Ishuella. He then describes the circumstances under which brought him and his classmates there. Master and Ms Ren are both surprised at the news and indignant that the school could not prevent it. Master tells Blow that there should not be any demons in Ishuella due to the Tower’s barrier.

A group of low-rank demons attack Blow while he is talking to Master. Bagging the communication device, he continues to say that he plans on locating the other students and that Master needs to inform Duchess Artian and Helios about the situation. Just as he finishes defeating all the demons and Master starts to reply, Linus, Lapis, and Cynthia emerge from some bushes.


Characters in order of appearance

1. Iel

2. Professor Heil

3. Mana Puppet

4. Lapis Yuan Nuadly

5. Linus En Grium

6. Cynthia Mars

7. Blow

8. Kielnode Chrishi

9. Ren

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