Chapter 35
Chapter 35
Chapter 35

Yong Yong

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The shadowy figure is unharmed by Professor Rowell’s attack and strikes at Lidusis, to which Rood blocks and dispels.

Linus decides to relax while the professors are fighting. This annoys Chevel who starts yelling at him. Linus says that they have nothing to fear since the professors will take care of things.

Professors Professor Rowell and Professor Kan launches a joint attack on the shadow and although they cut it, it reforms. The water flows upward and envelopes nearby students. Professor Heil laughs and says “see you at the next stage”.

Rood muses that those caught by the water will be teleported. He tells his friends that they all have to hold onto each other so they don't get separated. Before Lidusis can take his hand, Rood is sucked up by the water. With his hand outstretched, he watches in horror as Rood disappears before him.

Soon, everyone else is teleported leaving only Lidusis. The shadow comes up behind him and tells him that it's all because of him, reinstating that he will only bring misfortune. The figure continues to taunt Lidusis who is caught between the shadow's words and his memories. He starts blaming himself for everything before being teleported.

Meanwhile, Rood awakens into Blow and breaks through the teleportation spell. He then stabs the shadowy figure in the back.


Characters in order of appearance

1. Lapis Yuan Nuadly

2. Professor Kan

3. Professor Rowell

4. Mana Puppet

5. Lidusis Dien Artian

6. Carmille

7. Lin Noa

8. Rood Chrishi

9. Dio Varus

10. Linus En Grium

11. Cynthia Mars

12. Chevel Phon Hadelio

13. Anna Berev

14. Yuti

15. Professor Heil

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