Chapter 30
Chapter 30
Chapter 30

Yong Yong

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Dio enthusiastically greets Rood and then greets Lidusis in an awkward manner. Rood coaches Lidusis into returning the greeting. A couple of students come up and warn Rood that Professor Rowell is looking for him.

In class, Professor Heil announces to the students that they should start preparing for the upcoming Idun practical training. Rood and Dio discusses the nature of the training and Dio reveals that in past years, the students were split into teams of five to complete a task. Lin Noa approaches their desks and Rood reveals that he was the one who delivered her younger brother’s letters.

Elsewhere, Princess Yutiarien tells her attendant, Rom, that Professor Rowell found something interesting and is planning on going with the Iduns to the practical training.

Back in the classroom, Lin tells the group that this year, the training will take place in the Tower and Rood muses that the only way to get to the Tower is by using a high class teleportation circle. Professor Rowell suddenly appears which surprises the group. She mentions that Professor Heil will be making the circle. Rood worries that the Tower will be full of magicians like Professor Rowell and wonders if he will be alright.


Characters in order of appearance

1. Dio Varus

2. Rood Chrishi

3. Lidusis Dien Artian

4. Professor Heil

5. Lin Noa

6. Rom

7. Yuti

8. Professor Rowell

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