Chapter 28
Chapter 28
Chapter 28

Yong Yong

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In the classroom, the students worry about being the future target of Chevel and blames Lidusis. This causes Lin to slam her hand on the desk and yell at them for being selfish. She proceeds to ask them how they think Lidusis feels with the way he is being treated. The students protest, citing the library incident which showed Lidusis enveloped in black tendrils with cold eyes directed at Chevel.

Iel cuts in and says that it was probably an illusion, Chevel's specialty. However, it does not matter because none of them are actually ostracizing Lidusis because they believe he is a monster, but because they are afraid of Chevel. When told that she is no different, Iel agrees, but believes that Rood is able to change the current situation. Just then, Rood and Lidusis enters the room.

Iel approaches them and introduces herself. One by one, the students introduce themselves and several thank Lidusis for blocking the mana stones.


Characters in order of appearance

1. Lin Noa

2. Dio Varus

3. Iel

4. Rood Chrishi

5. Lidusis Dien Artian

6. Noidin

7. Achel

8. Juliana

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