Chapter 27
Chapter 27
Chapter 27

Yong Yong

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Rumors of the event that took place in the East Assembly Hall spread through the school, irritating Chevel. Linus suddenly calls out to him from an upper story window. Catching sight of Lapis, Chevel insults him.

Elsewhere, Professors Kan and Rowell sit across from Lidusis and Rood who has crumpled on the desk in an act. Professor Kan informs them that everyone has informed her that the one responsible for the state of the Assembly Hall was Rood. She then asks him if this true. Rood feigns ignorance and pretends to be feeble, making Professor Kan worry and ask if he would like to go to the infirmary. Unfortunately, Professor Rowell interferes, saying that he is fine and questions Rood on being a magician. In response, Professor Kan says that a magician would have no need to attend school. Rood continues faking his "chronic illness" but Professor Rowell continues to disbelieve it. However, Professor Kan dismisses him, displeasing Rowell.

Chevel encounters the beat up Klads and asks them what had happened. Before they could reply, they glance to the side and flinch. Chevel turns to see what they are looking at. Rood then smirks at him, angering Chevel.

After walking away, Lidusis says he will only bring Rood misfortune and thinks back to a faceless figure claiming that he will bring misfortune to everyone. Rood replies that he should worry about himself rather than other people. Lidusis goes on to say that that he does not understand, to which Rood admits that he does not and tells Lidusis to stop avoiding people who are concerned about him and that he should ask for help. Lidusis says he does not need it, causing Rood to get angry.


Characters in order of appearance

1. Chevel Phon Hadelio

2. Anna Berev

3. Linus En Grium

4. Lapis Yuan Nuadly

5. Professor Rowell

6. Professor Kan

7. Lidusis Dien Artian

8. Rood Chrishi

9. Lidusis's Brother (flashback)

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