Chapter 26
Chapter 26
Chapter 26

Yong Yong

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Professor Rowell picks up one of the mana stones and throws it towards Rood. Fortunately for him, Dio calls out a warning and Rood dodges. The ball hits Manon, causing him to fall unconscious. Professor Rowell chastises Rood for dodging and picks up another ball, telling him not to dodge this time. Before she can throw it, the main doors burst open and a group of professors walk in.

Elsewhere, Lapis is waling down the hall while a boy named Linus follows him. Linus asks Lapis to tell him about the time he met with the Black Magician, stating that he is his idol and proceeds to ask intrusive questions. Lapis refuses and remembers that after Ms Ren teleported them, Lapis asked Blow to make him his disciple but was refused. It was for this reason that he was too embarrassed to tell Linus. Linus sights something unusual and wonders if something had happened.


Characters in order of appearance

1. Rood Chrishi

2. Manon

3. Professor Rowell

4. Dio Varus

5. Lidusis Dien Artian

6. Professor Heil

7. Professor Kan

8. Lapis Yuan Nuadly

9. Linus En Grium

10. Ren (flashback)

11. Rune (flashback)

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