Chapter 25
Chapter 25
Chapter 25

Yong Yong

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Rood asks Lidusis if he enjoys being hit and when Lidusis answers negatively, he is then asks why he would blocked the ball. Lidusis replies that this was all his fault and that he does not want anyone to get hurt because of him. Rood pushes Lidusis in order to avoid an oncoming ball and easily catches it. He says that it is not because of Lidusis, but because Rood does not like the Klads.

Rood dodges numerous balls with minimal effort and throws back when he realizes the people standing behind him was getting hit by the balls he had dodged. During this time, Lidusis is blocking all the oncoming balls that were about to hit the other students. Lin, filled with pity and guilt, unties his arms.

Lin's friend tries to pull her away from Lidusis but she turns to the crowd and declares that Lidusis has done nothing wrong and that it is not right to bully him. She says that no matter how powerful the upperclassmens are, they cannot harm everyone. However, before she can continue, a Klad flies through the air directly behind her.

At the front of the hall, Rood is standing before Manon, the only Klad still conscious. He declares that Chevel will surely punish him and the "Monster". Rood asks rhetorically which is the real monster, the one being bullied, or the bullies themselves, to which everyone who is present unanimously thinks, "you."


Characters in order of appearance

1. Manon

2. Professor Rowell

3. Rood Chrishi

4. Lidusis Dien Artian

5. Lin Noa

6. Carmille

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