Chapter 23
Chapter 23
Chapter 23

Yong Yong

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A Klad picks a female student to be the first to throw but she does not throw the ball far enough to hit the board. Another Klad gives a 'demonstration' and hits Lidusis in the head. When they ask for another volunteer, Rood puts up his hand with a bright smile.

Rood's throw knocks a hole clean through the board. This surprises everyone and terrifies Lidusis, whose head is just inches away. The impact of the throw loosened the bars binding Lidusis. Rood then picks up another ball and promises not to miss this time but the ball glows in his hands and crumbles. Picking up another ball, he throws it and Lidusis rips himself off the board, convinced that he will die if it had hit. However, the ball hits a Klad, rendering him unconscious. 


Characters in order of appearance

1. Manon

2. Iel

3. Lidusis Dien Artian

4. Dio Varus

5. Rood Chrishi

6. Lin Noa

7. Carmille

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