Chapter 22
Chapter 22
Chapter 22

Yong Yong

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A group of Klads dump water on Lidusis and taunts him by saying that the only reason they can bully him, a Duke's son, is because his family does not care about him. Manon interrupts them stating that harassing Lidusis is not their goal. One of the Klads whisper something to him, causing him to smirk and say "the stage is set."

Rood and Dio give up on looking for Lidusis. They were not present when the announcement about the Eastern Assembly Hall was made. They figure it out and head there themselves. En route, Dio asks Rood why he is going through so much trouble to help Lidusis. Rood makes up a lie about being bullied as a child.

In the Assembly Hall, a group of Klads stand at the front while the students are wondering where the professors are. At the same time, their professor arrive at the classroom and wonders where all the students went. Dio reveals to Rood a secret passage way that will lead to the Assembly Hall.

Manon announces to the gathered students that the lesson will be on mana manifestation. They will use mana stones which are in the form of black balls about the size of a baseball. Manon goes on to tell the students that they will be tested on how well they can use the stone. His lackeys roll in a giant target board that Lidusis is bound to and Manon says that anyone who hits the 'decoration' will receive bonus marks.  Manon looks around the hall and realizes that Rood is absent and gets angry. 

Rood and Dio arrive at the hall but is hidden from sight.


Characters in order of appearance

1. Lidusis Dien Artian

2. Manon

3. Dio Varus

4. Rood Chrishi

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