Chapter 21
Chapter 21
Chapter 21

Yong Yong

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Using a communication device, Rood gives a mission update to Master who informs him that the Hadelio family is famous for producing top tier magicians and that the head of the family, Marquis Hadelio, has a bad relationship with Duke Artian. Master promises to look into both families and tells Rood to enjoy his school life and make friends which prompts Rood into turn off the communication device.

Professor Kan looks at the teleportation circle that Professor Heil is making for the upcoming Idun practical training. It's revealed that the practical training will take place in the Tower. Professor Heil initially look tense as she examines the circle. He smirks when Professor Kan comments that it will be amazing and that they have to make sure nothing goes wrong.

In the classroom, Dio gives Rood all the information he collected on talented or well-connected students which makes Rood wonder if it will be of any use. As people in the background talk maliciously about Rood and Dio, Lin stares at them and quickly looks away when Rood notices. A Klad interrupts the classroom chatter and announces in a smug manner that they should all go to the Eastern Assembly Hall for a practical training preparation.


Characters in order of appearance

1. Rood Chrishi

2. Kielnode Chrishi

3. Professor Kan

4. Professor Heil

5. Dio Varus

6. Lin Noa

7. Carmille

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