Chapter 2
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Chapter 2

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The Black Magician returns from his recently completed errand and bumps into Ms. Ren, a fellow member of Opion. He notices that she is holding a stack of paper. They then engage in some small talk but she soon leaves to visit Master. While leaving, one of the papers Ren was holding happened to fall on the ground.

Blow kicks open Master's door and throws the paper at his face. Master acts as if nothing has happened. Blow starts to complain and before Master could reply, another piece of paper was throw at him. This time, it was Seren's autograph. Master is informed of the details of this "mission" and was surprised when he heard that a Demon had attacked. He exclaims that the Lobby Seren works at is a safe zone, meaning that it is protected by the Tower. Master then decides to look into this matter.  

Blow turns back into Rood after being asked why he was still in his awakened state. Rood then stomps forward, slamming his hand on Master's desk. He demands that he gets a proper mission. Master tries to explain that after [that day], many people have been looking for Blow, especially the Magician's Association's "Shic". Master gives in and hands Rood another mission. He explains that there is an auction that opens every 2 months and only sells off the rarest of items. At the next auction, a magic stone with a [Name] is going to appear. The problem is, other magicians have this information as well and this implies that it will make the mission more difficult. 

Flash forward and it shows Master holding a sheet of paper which contains Rood's approved application to a school called "Special Magic School Helios". Master talks to himself, saying that he couldn't show it to him because if he did, he'd get mad.


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