Chapter 17
Chapter 17
Chapter 17

Yong Yong

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The Klads bring Rood and Dio to Manon who gives Rood a "warning" about getting involved with Lidusis, saying that there is a cause behind every effect and those who do not know anything should not interfere.

Later, Rood and Dio are sitting on a bench talking. Rood tells Dio to look into people who can stand up to Chevel while he tries to discover the truth behind the incident that happened in the library. He wanders the school looking for Lidusis, intending to question him about the incident.

Lidusis is speaking with the school administrator who tells him that the school cannot do anything to help unless he asks for it himself. Meanwhile, Rood is still looking for him and is hampered by the fact the everyone he asked has ran away. Just as he is about to give up on asking, Iel approaches and tells him where "the Monster" was going. Rood thanks her and says that he is not looking for "the Monster", but the boy named "Lidusis".

Rood sees Lidusis in the courtyard from a balcony on the second floor and debates whether he should call out to him. Remembering Manon's "warning", Rood loudly calls out Lidusis' name which causes everyone in the courtyard to stare. Lidusis freezes and sprints away. Rood, tired of being brushed off, decides to pursue him. To the astonishment of everyone watching, Rood jumps from the second story balcony landing easily on his feet and runs after Lidusis.


Characters in order of appearance

1. Rood Chrishi

2. Dio Varus

3. Manon

4. Lidusis Dien Artian

5. Iel

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