Chapter 15
Chapter 15
Chapter 15

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Rood, Dio, and Lidusis stare at each other for an awkward moment before Lidusis begins to walk away. Rood grabs his shirt and requests to talk with him but Lidusis continues walking. When Dio tries to convince Rood that Chevel will make his life difficult if he tries to associate with Lidusis. Rood then asks why Lidusis is being called a "Monster". 

Meanwhile, Lidusis is walking through the hall. He has a flashback of a young blond girl covered in blood lying across the lap of a young blond boy who yells "Monster!" at him.

Back in the storage room, Dio admits that he does not know the reason but that there was an incident in the library a week after school started and it made everyone called him a monster. The Iduns who were there said they saw Lidusis turning into a monster. After the incident, the library was shut down for a couple of days.

Again, Dio asks Rood to switch rooms in order to avoid being ostracized. When they arrive at the classroom, Rood remembers the Duchess saying that Lidusis is unable to voice his pain and so, picks up his desk and moves it to the back of the classroom where Lidusis is.


Characters in order of appearance

1. Lidusis Dien Artian

2. Rood Chrishi

3. Dio Varus

4. Chevel Phon Hadelio (flashback)

5. Ibriel Hadelio (flashback)

6. Lidusis's Brother (flashback)

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