Chapter 144
Chapter 144

Yong Yong

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At the start of the chapter, Ren and Eruen are watching the events unfold with shock. Master comes up to them disheveled, asking about the seal's current status. In a flashback, Blow convinces Master to let him stay and protect the students by telling him about Lidusis and the King's Power. Back in the present, Master instructs Ren to help transport them and the students out of the Tower as he puts on a disguise.

The scene switches to Meredith and Blow. Meredith is overjoyed that Blow has agreed to join the Magician's Tower. In reality, Blow is just trying to stall for time. Blow asks Meredith to ensure the student's safety, and Meredith agrees. Meredith then tells Blow to prove that he is willing to join the Tower by disabling his Awakening. He adds that they aren't safe just because the Demon has been defeated in order to pressure Blow.

Orphell is watching Meredith and Blow's exchange as someone who appears to be Mikel approaches. He laughs, praising Meredith's intelligence, and then asks Orphell if he is willing to face responsibility for his actions. A dejected Orphell thinks of how his efforts were in vain. The person orders Orphell to help the students escape the Tower, stating that there is now no use for them. Orphell then relays his order to the other Tower members using a green communication mana stone.

The real Mikel shakes in anger, and asks who is ordering this. Eruen disguised as a Tower magician suddenly runs up to him with a group of other Tower magicians and claims that the real Mikel is Master disguised as Mikel. This leaves the Tower magicians in disarray, and Mikel shouts "Fool---!!!"

Meanwhile, Blow asks what Meredith wants to do with him. Meredith says he doesn't know, and then notes that Blow must not be planning to comply, judging from his hesitation. He decides to take action since his there are others interfering with his machinations just as the seal breaks. Meredith then apologizes to Blow, and forcibly disables Blow's awakening by sticking his hand in Blow's stomach.

The Tower magicians are working on transporting the students nearby with Master disguised as Mikel nearby. Master's disguise fades away as he watches Meredith stab Blow in horror. An enraged Shicmuon tries to punch Meredith, but Meredith teleports away in time. All the Helios students are shocked. Lispen does nothing, and thinks that Blow still needs to find out something while he's in the Tower.


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