Chapter 143
Chapter 143

Yong Yong

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The chapter starts with Meredith using the students as hostages in order to get Blow to join the Tower. Meredith asks Blow to disable his awakening and join the Tower unless he wants all of the students to perish. Blow asks what the Tower wants from him, to which Meredith replies his return. In response to this, Shicmuon attacks Meredith. Master seizes this opportunity to drag an unwilling Blow away. Meredith tries to chase after them, but Shicmuon stops him.

Meanwhile, Blow and Master argue over whether they should escape or not. Blow wants to help the students, but Master argues that there is no need to, as there are already other people protecting them. Blow then states that he doesn't want to run away from the Tower forever. However, Master refuses to listen to him and traps him with his magic.

Deon, Orphell, and the professors watch the summoned demon escape the chains and start transforming. Orphell tells everyone to be on their guard because the demon will now be able to use its full power.

Out of nowhere, Meredith is thrown into the demon's chest, leaving a gaping wound. Shicmuon is backed up against the wall, touching his neck tenderly. Meredith tells Shicmuon that Blow is a member of the Tower, so Shicmuon shouldn't stick his nose in Blow's business. Shicmuon says he hasn't decided yet, but Meredith argues that Blow has already made his decision. Shicmuon then tries to massacre the students so Blow won't join the Tower. Blow stops him and agrees to join the Tower.


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