Chapter 142
Chapter 142

Yong Yong

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The chapter starts with Master trying to break the seal. Ren has her doubts over whether this is the right decision or not. Blow swoops in and tells Master to stop. He asks Master to consider the safety of the students, but Master refuses, saying Blow is more important. An angered Blow promptly hits him on the head, much to the surprise of Eruen and Ren. Blow asks Master to undo the seal, and tell everything he knows. Master relents, and asks Eruen to help him undo the seal.

Meanwhile, Blow tells the students to escape to the outer rim and stay spread out. The professors arrive to help protect the students, so Blow moves on. He decides to resolve this is as peacefully as possible and then sees Shicmuon attacking several tower magicians. Blow tries to talk it out with the tower magicians, but they ignore him and try to capture him. Shicmuon gets angry and tries to blow up the floor. Meredith arrives, comments on Blow's helplessness and dispels Shicmuon's magic circle.

The members of the first team and Lidusis sees Shicmuon's magic. Lapis and Lidusis rush towards where Blow and Shicmuon are. At the same time, Iel wonders whether Rood is the Black Magician or not.

Deon and several other Tower magicians meet up with Orphell, who is trying to use his authority to undo the seal. Orphell asks them to help the professors, stating that he will take responsibility. He then thinks about the damages that a fight between Meredith, Blow, and Shicmuon would create.

Shicmuon and Blow are disturbed by Meredith's strength. Meredith tells Blow that he can run, but the students will be killed if he did in a subtle manner. The students stare at the demon in horror.

At the door, Master realizes that there is someone else trying to open the door on the other side.


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