Chapter 141
Chapter 141

Yong Yong

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The students of Helios, Ren, and the members of the Association watch in shock as Rood, who is covered by Shicmuon's cloak, awakens into Blow.

Meanwhile, Rom, Van, Tessiana, and Princess Yutiarien watch as Marquis Hadelio attempts to nullify the seal the Tower has put on the door. Rom and Van criticize his actions. They hear an explosion from inside and Hadelio asks Tessiana to help him for the sake of time.

The scene switches to Blow fighting Shicmuon. Blow tries to convince Shicmuon to help him protect the students. Shicmuon asserts that he can do whatever he wants to, feints an attack, and then agrees to help. Linus notices the Tower's incoming attack and warns Blow. Blow and Shicmuon fend off the attack with ease. Shicmuon then proceeds to beat up 4 Tower magicians. At the same time, Blow threatens Mikel to let the student's escape. Mikel says he can't do that, which leads Blow to criticize the Tower's actions. The students join in. Mikel starts laughing and asks if Blow will kill him. Shicmuon seizes the opportunity to beat up Mikel. This infuriates Blow, but Shicmuon points out that it wouldn't be helpful threatening him anyways. Blow then notices Master attempting to do something with the seal.


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