Chapter 140
Chapter 140

Yong Yong

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The students are panicking and trying to escape from the room and the Hereis are worried at the beginning of the chapter. Meanwhile, Chevel is searching through the crowd frantically for Lidusis with the help of Linus. Linus notes that the members of the Tower are not interfering or trying to help the students and worries about their safety. After a bit, Chevel tells Linus that it will be alright since the Black Magician is here, much to Linus's surprise.

Meanwhile, Kiel is trying to reverse the summoning of the unknown demon whilst Orphell acts as a distraction to it. The students from Rood's group evacuate from the testing area with the help of Lidusis. Kiel almost succeeds in sending the demon back, but Meredith stops him and restrains the demon with magic chains. Meredith says that they need to find the culprit before sending the demon back. Meredith heads towards the door, where the students are gathered, and Kiel leaves as well.

Eruen, Ren, and the students are watching Shicmuon and Lispen fight over Rood. Ren worries about Rood. Rood tries to stop them with words, to no avail. Shicmuon creates a large magic circle to attack Lispen, who is in front of the door. Rood decides to awaken and protect the door so that the room does not collapse.


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