Chapter 138
Chapter 138

Yong Yong

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Before Kiel could execute the new trial, a higher level demon appears as Lispen smirks. Orphell orders an evacuation of the building, and awakens. It looks like this higher level demon was not planned, as even Mikel was surprised by its appearance. Despite Orphell's efforts to clear out the building, Mikel orders the sealing of all doors. He wants the Black Magician to show up, and if he doesn't, everyone will die. Ren speaks up and calls him rotten to the core. Mikel then apologizes to the 'Prince', but Shicmuon snaps and takes action. Mikel is now enraged. Kiel question's Orphell's resolve to protect the student. He is swayed, and gives his promise. Shicmuon then appears in front of Rood.


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