Chapter 137
Chapter 137

Yong Yong

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The team attempts to execute a plan made by Rood in order to defeat the demon. As they work together, they try to aim for its weak spot, the mouth. While Iel was trying to do her part, she realizes that she does not have enough power to make the attack work. Rood then helps her, and the attack goes straight though monster and continues to hit just under Mikel's seat.

The exercise is now over, and everyone who observed the action is left stunned. Unfortunately, Mikel is onto Rood, and Kielnode makes his way down to the stage in order to start a new trial.

The Marquis remembers his moments with Mikel, where the latter paints the empire in a dark light while emphasizing the Tower's immunity. The Marquis then knocks on a door to a room that contains Rom, Tessiana, and the Princess.

Kiel transforms into the same demon as before.


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