Chapter 136
Chapter 136

Yong Yong

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The chapter starts with the demon attempting to eat Iel. Rood saves her, carrying her bridal style. Iel has a flashback to Blow saving her in a similar manner. The other members of the group are shocked that Rood, who they thought was unwell, was able to save Iel. Mikel is surprised by this turn of events as well. Rood forms a plan and gives the other teammates instructions on what to do. Iel is the one who attacks, Beneth chants a restriction spell on it, Evelan forces him to jump, and Lapis is the bait.

Meanwhile, the professors are trying to get to the stage and protect the students. However, Deon and other members of the Tower block their path.

Back at the stage, the group has begun implementing the plan. Rood helps the Lapis and Beneth do their roles better. When Evelan uses rope magic to create an obstacle for the demon, it jumps towards Lapis.


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