Chapter 135
Chapter 135

Yong Yong

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The members of the first group have all arrived at the stage. The Tower then sets up a restriction so that the group can only move within the stage. Iel, on the other hand, is thinking that she needs to make an impression, and that her teammates are good, especially Rood. After thinking this, she turns around and sees Rood collapsed on the floor! The professors and students to worry about Rood, since he has a "chronic disease."

Meanwhile, Meredith and two other tower magicians are watching several parts of the Tower, including the practice area and where Van is. The two tower magicians are angry at the Association for invading the Tower and wonder if they are at war with each other. Meredith starts laughing, much to the other magicians' surprise.

Back at the stage, the members of the first group are fussing over Rood. Lapis helps support Rood. While they are doing that, Mikel notes that Rood has the same last name as Kiel, but apparently dismisses it as a coincidence. Mikel soon orders Orphell to continue as planned, despite Orphell's concerns. The students are given equipment for the practice and the summoning circle subsequently summons a demon! The group watches in shock, and the other students can not see anything due to the restriction. The demon jumps and opens its mouth to eat Iel as she attempts to attack it. Rood is shown to be gone from Lapis's arms as the demon attacks.


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