Chapter 134
Chapter 134

Yong Yong

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The chapter starts with Shicmuon, disguised as Prince Yumehen, barging through with the escorting Tower magicians. Ren and Eruen are surprised by his actions, but Eruen does not do anything after recalling Lanoste's instructions. Ren makes up an excuse, and chases after Shicmuon along with Eruen.

At the same time, Mikel and Kiel are discussing the trap that Mikel set for the Black Magician when a member of the Tower informs Mikel that Prince Yumehen is rampaging in the training area!

Meanwhile, the students, Rood, and Lidusis are staring at Shicmuon with curiosity while he stares at Rood. Eruen and Ren come over. Rood recognizes Ren and realizes that something is going on. Ren sees Rood, and screams internally at Shicmuon for his reckless behavior. Ren and Eruen then escort him to where Mikel and Kiel are watching the class.

Elsewhere in the Tower, Van enters the Tower, disguised as Cynthia. Upon hearing that he cannot join the Helios students, he attacks and subdues the accompanying Tower magicians.

The scene switches to Orphell explaining the live practice. The students worry about the unusual nature of the practice. On a balcony, Mikel greets Shicmuon. Kiel shouts out Mikel's name, asking for the band that restricts his mana usage to be taken off immediately after. The first group is announced. The members are Tari Baneth, Lapis, Rood, Iel, and Mel Mesen Evelan. As Rood walks towards the stage for the practice, he thinks to himself that his only wish is to do what he wants to do and protect what he wants to protect.


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