Chapter 132
Chapter 132

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Following Rood 's order to tell him everything, Lispen replies with a "Yes, sir." However, he continues by saying they are at an unsuitable place, and that he will tell Rood everything when he has been moved to a more appropriate place. Lispen also says that if Rood doesn't want Lidusis to die, then he will "try and look for ways to save Lidusis's life.

After returning to the Iduns, Rood ponders on their conversation. He remembers Lispen stating that they are not enemies. When Lidusis notices Rood's presence, he calls out to him. At that moment, it is announced that the students of Helios will be having a practical lesson. Many students protests about it being too sudden, but Iel says that it is a good opportunity for them to get stronger.

Iel approaches Rood and Lidusis, wishing to forma team with. Seeing Rood's confusion, Iel explains that they are supposed to be in teams of five. Many others also request to join Rood's team. Lidusis, however, questions whether they are allowed to form their own teams, causing the students to go silent.

Meanwhile, Orphell and Deon are having their own discussion. Deon is glad that the students are taking the news well. Orphell says that it is because the students are still trainees yearning to be real official magicians. If the people of Helios knew about the whole plan, then they would not agree. He continues by saying that he wasn't sure if this is the correct way of action either. 

As the sun sets, Rood and Lidusis is on the way back to their room. Before entering the room, Lidusis asks Rood if he is okay, because he looks drained. While opening the door, Rood replies that of course he is drained, and it's all because of Dio. It is then that they discover Dio is missing. 

In one of the corridors, Dio, is sneaking around by himself. He thinks that it is too dangerous leaving Rood alone alone with Lispen and he plans on taking action. Whilst hiding from a Tower magician, Dio fails to notice that Rowell is right beside him.


Characters in order of appearance

1. Rood Chrishi

2. Lispen

3. Lidusis

4. Kielmode Chrishi

5. Iel

6. Professor Orphell

7. Professor Deon

8. Dio Varus

9. Professor Rowell

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