Chapter 131
Chapter 131

Yong Yong

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Wanted posters for the Black Magician falls from the sky onto a crowd. Meanwhile, in Lanoste 's office,Van is reading the same document and wondering what exactly the Tower wants with the Black Magician. Lanoste replies that he doesn't know either. Van impatiently asks if it is really okay to sit around doing nothing, despite the fact that all requests to enter the Tower has been denied. When he starts talking about Shic , Lanoste says that Shic isn't at the Association . He then asks Van who he thinks can enter the Tower without inconvienient procedures.

At the same time, Shicmuon is sitting on a couch opposite Prince Yumehen and his fiancée. Yumehen asks what he should call him, to which Shic replies "Shicmuon". The prince then asks why Shicmuon is there. Back at the Association, Lanoste informs Van that Shicmuon is going to enter the Tower by borrowing the prince's identity, since the Royal Family can go wherever they want. Erun and Ren will go with him by pretending to be Yumehen's personal guards. Van will assume the identity of Cynthia Mars . The group will then proceed to infiltrate the Tower, find and retrieve the Black Magician.

In the Royal Palace, Shicmuon has just left the prince, who is now having a discussion with his fiancée . When she mentions the Association, he says out loud that "If Lord Lanoste had never abandonned his title...a lot of things would have changed." Shicmuon, who is walking down a corridor in the Palace, burns a wanted poster of the Black Magician.

In Rood and Lidusis 's room at the Tower, Dio just woke up from a nap. Lidusis informs him that Rood has gone out. Rood also left a message telling Dio to stay quietly in the room in do nothing. They have a quick discussion about what happened in the Great Hall back inHelios before Lidusis asks aboutLispen and the thing he took.

Meanwhile, Rood is with Lispen. Rood, who is still in denial about him being the [King], quickly steers the discussion towards Lidusis. He asks Lispen what will happen if he takes back the power that's inside Lidusis, and what will happen if he don't. Lispen replies that "He will die." Before he can say much more, Rood states that if he really if the [King], then Lispen has to tell him everything, "This is an order."

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