Chapter 130
Chapter 130

Yong Yong

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Lidusis's Brother is being questioned by a Tower Magician in a sound proofed area.

Lidusis and Rood are back at their dorm rooms with Dio asleep in his dragon form. Rood violently wakes his up and soon after, he decides he wants to discuss things with the 3 of them.

Orphell and Mikel are seen together and Mikel brings up the idea of having a practice match with a demon. This upsets Orphell, since the students are already traumatized enough. However, Mikel's mind is set on finding the Black Magician. He also goes onto the topic of Kiel. About his family and how he was the one who ordered for his brother's death.

Back to the trio, they are discussing about Lispen. Although Rood does not tell Lidusis about the [Power] within him, the atmosphere is getting thick.

Some Tower magicians were discussing about Lidusis, it seems as though this brother has told them that a 'monster' lives within him.


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