Chapter 129
Chapter 129

Yong Yong

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Ren seems to have come to seek help from the Association due to Master's hidden message. She then suggests a deal.

Meredith is approached by his subordinate, and after some chitchat, he reveals that the Black Magician is within the building. The Magicians deduce that he must be hiding as a student. Mikel then gets a wicked idea.

Iel comes back to where the students are gathered, and as soon as she enters the door, she is questioned to no end. They question about the Black Magician, if he was bad or not, and this makes Lidusis speak up along with Iel.

Somewhere else within the Tower, Rood is sitting alone. He is then greeted by a leaping Dio.

Mikel tells Kiel about how he knows where the Black Magician is. He then gives Kiel a chance to capture him and redeem himself.

Van and Eruen have come to retrieve Shicmuon, who is less than happy to see them. However, after hearing his new mission, he obeyed.

Meredith has decided to give Rood one chance to escape, however, if he does not succeed, he will be trapped forever.

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