Chapter 128
Chapter 128

Yong Yong

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Meredith brings Rood through a wall and they appear outside the Tower.

Iel is remembering the day of the event, just before the [Door] opened. She seems to be getting dressed for some occasion. After the flashback, Iel tells Orphell that [On That Day], the Black Magician saved her.

Meredith tells Rood how they can see everything from the location they're at. The people are protected by the Tower's barrier, like a giant prison. Rood wonders what he is, seeing how he was able teleport right after going through a wall, since the wall showed no sign of teleportation magic. He then questions Meredith about what he knows about him, but Meredith responds with "I want to be friends". Before Rood becomes too deep in his thoughts, Meredith asks for his name, which surprises Rood. Before Rood can answer, Meredith senses company coming and sends him back through the wall after giving him his name.

At the Association, Van and Lanoste are discussing matters. This leads on the a conversation about Shicmuon, who is still steaming mad. When Van asks why Lanoste has summoned him, Lanoste replies that an important guest is coming. Right before the chapter ends, Ren is shown to be the visitor.

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