Chapter 126
Chapter 126

Yong Yong

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Kiel initiates his theory on the [Gate]. As other Tower magicians also pour their mana into the [Gate], Kiel remembers his chat with Mikel, and how he wants the people who died to be compensated through their families and loved ones. The [Gate] is now ready, and Kiel jumps in. He reaches a place with a massive amount of dead bodies, and as he is in the place, he remembers all of the people's memories, pains, and sufferings. He then reaches Rood's remains. He too see's his brother's memories. How he was afraid, and relied on Kiel. Kiel suffers as he sees these memories, and goes to embrace the now dead corpse of his only brother as he starts to disappear. Just then, a eye appears and suddenly, he is back in the real world. Kiel hears a noise, and makes his way to it. He then finds Rood, chained to a metal ball, and what looks like a storage room.

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