Chapter 125
Chapter 125

Yong Yong

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Master rushes into the old house wehre Rood stayed, only the find that the place was empty. He then starts to panic and question everyone around him about Rood's and Leto's whereabouts. Mike chimes in and tells Kiel that he's been going around like a mad man. Kiel then tells him that there is someone he must find, but Mikel knocks him out. While Kiel is still unconscious, he dreams of fleeing and going away with Rood, leaving his past, the Tower, and everything behind. When he awakes, a Tower magician is there to tell him information about Rood. Kiel then finds Leto, but sadly, Leto has sold his brother off. Mikel hears about the news, and apologizes for his loss. Kiel then presents a new theory they can try on the [Gate].

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