Chapter 124
Chapter 124

Yong Yong

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Mikel starts explaining to Kielnode about the history of how mana and magicians came to be. The mass amount of mana came from the Tower's deepest hidden secret, the shell of the demon king. He goes on to tell him how it was this being who created the Tower, and the one who supplies them mana and saved humanity. Sadly, the mass of mana in the world will soon dry up, so they need a way to keep it from doing so. One conclusion Mikel came up with after much research was to obtain a new source via a ceremony.

Kiel has become very busy after being involved with the ceremony, and soon stopped writing letters to Rood, who still wrote despite the lack of response, until one day, they stopped. Kiel became worried that maybe Rood was mad at him, but it was no time to worry as he had to work on the ceremony. For their research, the Tower used criminal magicians, and pushed them through a gate. This gate lead to the Demon World, and Kiel became suspicious about it's properties so he tried to find out why it was so odd. While he was trying to find an answer, he suddenly started to miss Rood. So, he went to see him.

Meeting with Rood again, he realized he has become very skinny looking and haven't grown an inch at all, which worried him. Uncle Leto reassured Kiel, who was satisfied with Leto's reassurance. Just as Kiel was about to leave, Rood asks him to put out his hand, and gives him a folded piece of paper. Kiel was then suddenly called back to the Tower.

Arriving at the Tower, Kiel sees that a child is being used as research material. He was disgusted by this. Although Mikel says it was a mistake, Kiel doubts it because of the high security and check ups. Kiel then begins to confront Mikel, who then calls him soft. He soon realizes how the ceremony has become more and more cruel. After many many failures, Kiel starts to loose hope, so he tries to devise a new plan. The paper Rood gave him is soon fallen into sight. Kiel reads it, and his heart sinks. It tells him that it was Leto who killed their mother, and soon, Rood might join her too.

Kiel's world comes crumbling down.

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