Chapter 123
Chapter 123

Yong Yong

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During Kielnode's father's funeral, he encounters his father's legal wife and children. She is seen trying to butter him up, due to his high position within the Tower, but he throws her aside. He then leaves the woman and as he does so, he sees his mother.

She begins to tell Kielnode about his younger brother, as the scene changes to him walking down a street. He then over hears an argument where a child is being bullied. Kielnode then saves the child using his magic, and pranks them with a curse. The child, fearing he might be cursed as well, starts to shake, but Kielnode reassures him that he's a special case. The child then starts to cry, because Kielnode looks very much like his father.

Kiel is then seen sitting with his mother, who confirms that the child he met was his brother from the same father. Kiel then becomes outraged and leaves. As he does so, he is caught by the child who asks him if he was really his brother and if he would stay with them from now on. Kiel says no, and then proceeds to ask for the child's name, which is revealed to be Rood Sentia, the same last name as his mother's. Kiel then agrees to hang out with Rood for just one day.

Soon, he starts thinking more of him, and one day, even started exchanging letters. Sadly, his mother soon passes away, leaving Rood all alone. Kiel then asks Uncle Leto to take care of Rood while he continues to climb the ranks within the Tower.

Some time later, Mikel shows Kiel the secret hidden within the Tower.

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