Chapter 122
Chapter 122

Yong Yong

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The chapter starts off with Ren wondering what in the world happened to have such a situation occur.

Master is seen with a Tower magician who's questioning him about the Black Magician's whereabouts. Furthermore, Master is wearing a band that restricts his use of mana. The magician then asks him why Kiel ran away in the past when he could have stayed and kept rising in rank. Feeling the question is quite private, the magician leaves the room without any further prying.

Master is left alone to remember his horrid past. He tells us of how he was a child born from his mother having a one night stand with a noble. He lead a tortuous life in school due to this, having the noble man's real children bully and even try to kill him. When the real children smashed a plant pot in Kiel's head, he became unconscious and awoke to hear that he had talent.
Soon, he realized he needed to leave the premises, fearing he might be killed. Since he now knows that he can become something, he leaves his pregnant mother and heads towards the Tower to rise in ranks as fast as he can and make everyone who looked own upon him beg. Soon, he achieved his goal. At the end of the chapter, Master is seen reading a letter which tells him his father has died.

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