Chapter 121
Chapter 121

Yong Yong

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Lidusis' brother is headed someplace, presumably the Magician's Tower, seeing how he says "I can't just stand here and watch anymore".

Back at the Tower, Chevel is surprised at how Rood is so calm about the false accusation of Blow. Rood on the other hand, is actually quite worried about Master, what he said, Opion, and Ren. As Chevel jabbers on, Rood still seems to be quite calm, despite his situation. Chevel is worried because the Tower's authority is almost equal to that of the Empire, so their orders and words are absolute. Kan comes in after seeing a Hereis seemingly bully an Idun. When Kan heard Rood's voice, it reminded them of the unawakened Black Magician's voice, but they brush it off, deeming it impossible.

The students then bombard Kan with questions, such as how long they will be staying at the Tower, what happened to the Black Magician, etc. It is then explained that the Black Magician might have a hand in the mess, causing students to become shocked. However, Iel speaks up and tries to defend him.

Orphell is with Lispen, and asks the latter about his relation with the Black Magician. Lispen answers with a simple, "I am a huge fan".

As Chevel keeps jabbering, Rood ignores his concerns, driving Chevel away. Rood then wonders about Iel, about her actions and her relations.

Orphell on the other hand reanalyzes his chat with Lispen, and then goes on to talk about the incident that made Blow famous.

Iel then remembers how Blow reached his hand out towards her on that day.

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