Chapter 120
Chapter 120

Yong Yong

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As the students look in awe, Rood spots Meredith, who in turn, is excited to know that their eyes met.

Ren is in Master's office when she is ambushed by Tower magicians. She manages to outsmart them and bind all of them, except for one, who crashes her to the floor and takes her hostage.

The students chatter until they see Rood and Lidusis. 3 students go up to them and thanks them, because they are Dio's friends, and Dio saved them from the rubble. Chevel then comes up towards Rood and Lidusis to tell them some important news.

Orphell informs the staff about the situation, and the probable cause of it all, the Black Magician. At the same time, Chevel then tells Rood about the Tower's plan to make the Black Magician the sinner.

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