Chapter 12
Chapter 12
Chapter 12

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At a manor overlooking a seaside cliff, a man climbs onto the balcony while complaining. He tenses before opening the balcony door and gives an overly cheerful greeting to "Ruby-nim". This man is revealed to be Elzeble. However, the room is empty except for a giant purple fish, who is lounging on a pillow while reading a book. The says that Rubymonter is not present and the two get into an argument that culminates until Elzeble throws the fish out the window and into the ocean. The fish emerges as Gamode and threatens to kill Elzeble. On top of the manor, Rubymonter watches the fight in disapproval and then smirks at a piece of paper which says "Special Magic School Helios. [Infiltration Success]".

An overview of Helios in then given. It is a magic school divided into three grade levels: the upper class, Hereis, the middle class, Klad, and the lower class, Idun. All new students are enrolled at the Idun level and can advance by doing well on the annual examination.

At the school, Rood is introduced to his new class. He wonders why Lidusis is separated from the other students and why he is being bullied in the first place when he is from a very influential family and appearance-wise, looks fine. A blue-haired boy named Dio Varus interrupts Rood's train of thought and introduces himself, causing the professor to lecture him for talking in class. It is revealed that Dio ranked last on the entrance exam.


Characters in order of appearance

1.  Elzeble

2. Gamode

3. Rubymonter

4. Rood Chrishi

5. Professor Heil

6. Lidusis Dien Artian

7. Dio Varus

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