Chapter 119
Chapter 119

Yong Yong

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Dio returns to his human form as Rubymonter berates him from letting Blow go.

The students prepare the teleport to the Tower as the Tower magicians announce that Igpellas, the teleportation device, is ready and on standby. Rood is seen sitting with Lidusis but he seems to be too emerged in his thoughts to reply to Lidusis' concerns for him. Soon, he snaps out of it and decides that he cannot reveal anything to Lidusis yet. He then asks for information on Lispen, as Chevel tells the two to move so they can be teleported. The students are teleported as Meredith watches the students appear within the Tower.

Deeper in the Tower, Mikel is with Kielnode and prepares him 2 options: To die for your sins, or to return to the Tower and they will forget it all happened. With those 2 options are objects, for the Tower option, Master is presented with a Tower cloak and mana stone, and for the other option, Master is presented with a knife. Master then takes the knife, to Mikel's surprise, but instead of committing suicide, he cuts his hair and takes the Tower cloak, announcing his return to the Tower.

The students look around in amazement at the sight of the Tower.

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