Chapter 118
Chapter 118

Yong Yong

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Rood tells Chevel that Lidusis knows about Rood, which causes the latter to be shocked. Chevel then asks Rood about the situation, but before Rood can answer properly, she spots Lispen, who approaches the three. Lispen gives Rood back his shoe and then goes with him to another location where they can speak privately.

The Princess is located at the Tower and is approached by the Prince, Yumehen. He tells her that the Magician's Tower is not a place suited for her. It then cuts to a scene where you see a demon stuck to the ground, all chained up.

Lidusis and still with Chevel but seems to worry for Rood.

Rood and Lispen begin to talk to one another. Lispen comments on how Rood has changed, making even Dio, who used to admired him, unable to recognize him. He then goes on the tell him about the [Power], and how Lidusis was his 213th try on hiding the [Power]. This angers Rood, who threatens to tell on Lispen. However, Lispen says they will just try to take the [Power] for themselves if they are informed of it, making Rood have second thoughts. He then tells Rood to find his true self and remember his past.

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