Chapter 117
Chapter 117

Yong Yong

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Lidusis' Brother seems to have been knocked unconscious by Rood's shoe. This causes an Artian servant to act up, demanding a penalty for whoever the attack is. Rood is spotted without a shoe, which draws Lidusis' attention along with everyone else. Rood then realizes that the man he struck down was not Lispen, but an Artian. Rood tells Lidusis that it was a simple mistake, while the lady who works under the Artians demands a worthy punishment for him. Rood then goes on to tell Lidusis that he must not leave his side. Right after, Rood is called over to meet his punisher.

Lispen visits the brother and gains intel on what had happened. He then tells the lady that he will return the shoe.

Marquis is tasked with the Hereis' and Rood's punishment. However, they all blame Chevel, who tries to defend himself. After, the Hereis are seen together, talking about the incident. It seems that Marquis, not wanting to see his son get blamed any longer, let them off the hook. They then begin to talk about the Black Magician, without knowing that Rood was close by. Rood then signals Chevel to come closer.

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