Chapter 116
Chapter 116

Yong Yong

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The students become restless, and Orphell gives and announcement through his mana stone. He tells the students about the move to the Central Tower. Orphell is then seen asking Lispen for his input on the move, who replies with a favorable response. However, he is still suspicious of Lispen.

Marquis is seen with Lidusis' brother, who is asking the man to allow him to move along with the students. However, Marquis rejects this idea.

Rood is with Chevel, who tells him he can't possibly get past the Tower's magicians. So, Rood gives Chevel up in order to use him as a stepping stone to escape, leaving Chevel.

The brother remembers a not so pleasant memory where his father calls him pathetic and favors Lidusis over him. As he returns to Lidusis' location, he thinks to himself that he wishes Lidusis never existed. He then goes on to say haunting words in his ear.

Rood, believing the figure next to Lidusis is Lispen, throws his shoe at him. It seems to have hit the brother's head.

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